CORRECT THE POSTURE AND STRAIGHTENING THE BACK with the MaxCreation Elastic Posture corrector.  This creates a slight backward pressure in the armpits that makes you straighten up and do not arch your back.
RELIEVES PAIN AND REDUCES FATIGUE in Back and Shoulders caused by poor posture when working, studying or watching television. Helps prevent the hump in Adolescents, Adults and Elderly.
ERGONOMIC AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Our back concealer has a Discreet, Easy to Use, Hidden to Sight design that adjusts to different sizes thanks to its Elastic, Lightweight and Breathable material.
A SPORTS WRIST is included with a Patented Thermal Regulation System that maintains the Optimal Comfort of the Skin and Therapeutic Efficacy. It can be used to relieve Joint Pains, to make weights in the Gym and Crossfit.
TOTAL RELIABILITY: Our Column and Sports Wrist Straightener are approved by the FDA and have the CE or European Conformity Marking.
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